Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sacred Chow

Sacred Chow - 227 Sullivan Street (Bleecker and W. 3rd) (Vegetarian)
Located in the west village, a small, quirky vegan restaurant specializing in tapas and assorted quick bites (such as soups, salads, smoothies and sweets.) The tapas--which take front billing--are numerous, ranging from orange blackstrap BBQ Seitan (chewy, shredded and tasty) to Indonesian Root Vegetable Latkes (particularly good, with a quirky, addictive flavor.) Divided into Protein and Complex Carb subcategories, other small plate options include soy meatballs, curried broccoli and roasted indonesian tempeh.

For those who miss their morning eggs, Sacred Chow also does brunch - featuring sumptuous tofu omelet spreads (decorated with Sicilian tomatoes), Tofu Scrambles with biscuits and gravy, and even waffles (with flax seeds, nonetheless.) All good tasty options...though arguably overpriced, with small plates running $5.00 and over (and well, they're really small) - and brunches costing more than $10.00.

Fortunately, the crowning glory at Sacred Chow is clearly the sweets, with particular praise for the Velvet Triple Chocolate Brownie. Sweet, moist and spectacular, this dessert equals Blossom's chocolate ganache - at about half the cost. So skip the plates and go straight for dessert. You, your wallet - and particularly your tummy - will be glad that you did!

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