Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Singapore Annual Chili Crab Festival 2006

Singapore Annual Chili Crab Festival (2006) - 66 Water Street
An annual event hosted by Tiger Beer (now in its third year of operation), the Chili Crab Festival is billed as "a festival like nothing else found in New York, or even the US...(with) the vibrancy and excitement of a massive Singaporean Street Fair." Promised munchies for the event include chili crabs, and "other authentic Asian delectibles."

Unfortunately, the reality was only a block long, and not all that impressive. The titular Chili Crabs were in evidence, yielding little meat for alot of hard (and messy) work. A few booths away, generic Laksa was available - ladeled into small styrofoam dishes. Not much other authentic food was available - at least for anyone already familiar with Singaporean cuisine. At the beginning of the fair, a sign was posted advertising "Roti Prata" (causing a spontaneous "Happy Gaijin Girl Dance")- but within the hour it had been turned against the wall. The promised Prata never emerged. Yet, the line for hamburgers and hot dogs stretched down the block. (A sad commentary on American tastes, as well as the available selection.) The only culinary discovery of the afternoon was made by my husband (the beer gourmand/brewer) - the realization that Tiger Beer is a decent light lager, perfect for quenching a summer day's heat. Which was fortunate, since (other than a few canned drinks) no exotic refreshements were available - no black jelly drinks...no ABC...just nothing special at all.

Ultimately, the only highlight of the day was the raffle, offering a chance to win a trip for two to Singapore. But the festival was only worth about an hour of anyone's time. We ended up buying $10 worth of tickets, and left - feeling that the money could have been spent so much better at Sanur. At least they would've had the Prata. But then...we haven't heard the result of the raffle yet. If we win, maybe I'll feel a little differently...!

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