Tuesday, July 13, 2010


S’Mac345 E. 12th Street (1st and 2nd Avenues)
Decked in bright oranges and yellows, this new eatery follows in the footsteps of neighboring Otafuku – focusing on one menu item, though with a strikingly American focus. Located in the East Village, the specialty at S’Mac is Macaroni and Cheese, served in a variety of flavors. There are ten basic themes on the menu – from American Style to 4 Cheese or Cajun. Build your own options are also available, featuring optional ingredients from breadcrumbs, to meats and veggies. Though service can be somewhat slow, the dishes are satisfying. While not as stick to the ribs cheesy as Kraft, S’Mac offers a great trip down memory lane, which can be fun now and then. Now, where did I put that Okonomiyaki?

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