Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Momofuku Ssam Bar

Momofuku Ssam Bar – 207 2nd Avenue (13th Street) (Fusion)

Located on the edge of the East Village, this newly opened restaurant has created a bit of a buzz, offering a fusion menu filled with grilled rice cake, raw oysters, sake, and their signature wraps, loosely based on Korean Ssam (lettuce leaves, filled with spicy meat and rice.)

Breaking with tradition, Momofuku’s version offers a more customizable/ have-it-your way experience. In addition to lettuce, diners may choose flour tortilla or grilled nori wraps - filled with a choice of meat or tofu, and supplemented with extras such as kimchi, edamae or bean sprouts. The result is an impressively large wrap (which holds together admirably, despite the generous portions.) Delivery speed is equally impressive. Though decorated with an upscale sensibility, Momofuku works at a fast-food pace, delivering the goods within ten minutes, tops.

The only downside is the price – running $9 for a flour wrap, and $12 for traditional lettuce. But the result is tasty. No match for a good Banh Mi, but your stomach will be happy – and pleasantly full.

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