Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sukhadia - 17 W. 45th Street (5th and 6th Avenue) (Indian) (Vegetarian)
Reading the menu at Sukhadia can be positively exciting, filled with items ranging far beyond americanized curry...or even the somewhat popularized southern staples of dosas and iddly. A treasure trove of the exotic, Sukhadia offers unfamiliar Indian snacks such as dhokla cakes, patra...and the many varieties of street food known as Chaat.

Though I've focused so far on appetizers, the entrees look enticing too...with lots of vegetarian options like Pav Bhaji (bread served with spicy veggie curry, lemon and onions.) Fortunately for me, I'm taking a class in the area. So further sampling of Sukhadia's wares is inevitable - at least for the next few weeks. And that's a good thing - because there's lots on the menu to try.

A word of caution regarding the service: Though the counter service has been good, a recent experience has led me to question the management over at Sukhadia. While waiting for an order, a superviser came over...and proceeded to argue with the server for a full five minutes. While it wasn't in English, the intention was clear. Right in front of the customer. Delayed my meal - and (more importantly) was embarrassing for the poor server. Not good for customer relations...which is a shame, 'cause I think Sukhadia has alot to offer.

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