Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zen Burger

Zen Burger - 465 Lexington Avenue (between 45th and 46th) (Veggie)
While *some* people have knocked this place as just another fast food joint, I have to say that I like it for what it is - a decent spot in midtown that offers good ole junk food - vegan/veggie style. Yup, at Zen Burger you can get veggie burgers (of course), as well as "chicken fingers", fries, and soft serve vegan ice cream. If you feeling like going just a little more healthy, there are wraps too...with fillings such as thai veggie and faux tuna. Call me low brow, but I like the place. It's a fun change of pace, the idea is great...and it's a hell of alot closer during the week than Brooklyn or any of the usual veggie joints in the village. If there's any negative to the place, it's that there really aren't many vegan options...just the Thai Wrap, the ice cream, and one or two other items. But at least they're identified (with a little V on the menu), and that's a decent start right there...

Zen Burger, I like your style - even if I ending up indulging only occasionally!

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