Monday, July 12, 2010

Wo Hop

Wo Hop - 17 Mott Street (Chinese/American)
Long famous as a purveyor of greasy spoon Chinese American fare, Wo Hop is loved by some and depised by others (who dub it "Wo Glop."). Something of a Chinatown landmark, Wo Hop is split into two levels...with the more tourist friendly restaurant on the second floor, and a divey hole-in-the-wall room downstairs in the basement. Guess which one I picked?

For those allergic to upscale, the vibe was just right - featuring walls plastered with pictures of quasi celebrities and numerous newspaper reviews. The small diner tables were somewhat cramped, and definitely populated --even on the rainy Saturday that I walked in the door. As for the food? Well, I have to admit to keeping the sample solely to an order of eggplant in black bean sauce. For seven dollars, the quantity was right...enough for two whole meals. As for the taste - really no different from the corner Chinese takeout store. No better, no worse...though the meal sat heavily in my stomach for a few hours afterwards, making me wish I'd stuck with the Dragon Fruit that I'd noshed on earlier.

So is Wo Hop worth a trip? Nah. Though if you're hung over, and seeking munchies in Chinatown, it might just fit the ticket.

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