Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Chiyoda - 16 E. 41st Street (Madison/5th Avenue) (Japanese)
A nice little space, located next to Book-off and Yagura Grocery. Serving both as deli and restaurant, Chiyoda is separated into two sections - the front decorated by a counter offering various takeaway sushi options in the obligatory plastic bentos. Those who venture towards the back--beyond a strategically placed curtain--will find Chiyoda's more formal dining area...a small, elegant space serving primarily Japanese clientelle (always a good sign.) During the Gaijin Girl visit, the sampling was limited...consisting of two sushi rolls and three separate orders of the Yuzu-Pepper Pasted Chicken. (What can I say? My coworkers have the same culinary tastes.) Marked by a
relaxed, leisurely atmosphere, the service proved slow...taking over 20 minutes for the food to arrive. Somewhat bland, my chosen entree (the sushi) failed to shine...a real dealer breaker in my book, given my love of a good handroll.

The chicken, however, earned several rave reviews - so that's three in favor, and only one against (hey, maybe I was just grumpy). Given the other classic options on the menu--such as Chawanmushi and Agedashi--there's plenty more worth sampling. So visit Chiyoda yourself - because it just might be worth a second try.

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