Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Caracus Arepa Bar

Caracus Arepa Bar - 93 1/2 E. 7th Street (1st Avenue and Avenue A) (Venezuelan)
A tiny east village stop, serving variations of arepas and other venezuelan munchies - including empanadas, tajadas (sliced plantains with cheese) and tequenos (deep fried cheese sticks.) One of the few Manhattan restaurants to serve Venezuelan, Caracus is a refreshing change of pace in a neighborhood awash with many interchangeable Thai and Japanese establishments. Though meat and cheese heavy, the menu is also veg-friendly - offering baked tofu as a substitute in many of its recipes.

Interestingly enough, the weakest spot on the menu appears to be the arepas themselves. Fried - and a little hard to hold together - the snacks are scarcely bigger than an egg mcmuffin (a shock, given the $4-6 price tag.) Fortunately, other temptations beckon...from desserts such as Obleas (thin wafer sandwiches filled with dulche de leche) to sweet sugar/lime drinks and chicha rice/cinnamon smoothies.

The GG verdict? Explore Caracus for the edges of the menu, filled with exotic treats that can't be found anywhere else. But for those seeking the titular sandwiches...well...there's always the Arepa lady in Queens!

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