Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Chikalicious - 203 E. 10th Street (Dessert and Wine Bar)
I'd heard about Chikalicious, and had wanted to try it for awhile. Finally I was in the neighborhood (actually, I'm around there often), and stopped in. The place is small, pristine, with an upper middle class preppie vibe. I must say this: the service is a real class act - nice, sweet friendly people that go out of your way to make it a pleasant experience. As you probably already know, Chickalicious only serves desserts and wine (usually paired), with a prixe fixe available. So I had some. The dessert was nice, enjoyable - the port wine was terrific. The sizes...well...I had been forewarned, and the sizes were nouvelle cuisine, laughably small. And the tab came to $20 plus tip. Now, I'm famous for being a skinflint with money. I'm also more comfortable in places with a homey slightly grunge touch. I am glad to have tried the place out. It was fun., and I recommend everyone either try it once, or just stick your head in to take a look. But honestly? Once was just enough.

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