Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Go - 30 St. Mark's Place (Japanese)
Go is a nice little place - and I really wanted to like it. Honestly, I don't actually think it's Go's fault - but the fates were just against me from the start. Recommended to Go by a reader, I made a special trip to...well, go to Go. First impressions were good - Go is a small nook-in-the-wall, with alot of Japanese patrons (always a great sign.) I ordered the Udon/Chirashi combo - with raw fish, a salad, and a small cup o' Udon. Then things started to conspire against me. Nothing big, and I have to say that staff was good. But the food took awhile, and was a little on the pricey side (my dish cost $12) There was no takeout menu available (which I really did want, since Go's hard to find in Citysearch.) Then the coup de gras. I had ordered the Udon, er, "to go." - and while I'm walking down the street, the crumpled lid came loose. Then goes the Udon, pouring all over the bag. Well, the half that was left tasted good.

My overall impression? Not negative, as most of it just wasn't Go's fault. But I left underwhelmed - which is a little sad.

On a positive note - the menu looks quite authentic, and they have (ta-da!) Okonomiyaki. So don't take my word for it - give Go a try on your own. Perhaps the fates will smile.

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