Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hop Won

Hop Won - 139 East 45th Street (Lexington and 3rd)
A good place to know...at least when searching for Chinese food in the heart of mid-town east.

Marked by a generic white sign, there's not much that distinguishes HW from a million other Chinese food joints in Manhattan. A casual look inside only reinforces that impression...revealing a prominent buffet table serving up American classics such as lo mein, roast pork and tons o stuff with brown sauce.

But slightly further in is a separate counter where customized orders are served - with a range of options from sour cabbage with chicken, to bitter melon over rice, and Shanghai rice cake.

Though not spectacular, the fare is solid and satisfying. The price? More than reasonable for mid-town, and the portions are huge (my $4.00 bowl of vegetable noodle spanned at least six inches, with a depth of four.)

So give Hop Won a try. If you work in mid-town, you might become a regular.

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