Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jubbs Longetivity

Jubbs Longevity – 508 E. 12th Street, NYC (between Avenue A and B) (Vegan/Raw Food)

Located in the far reaches of alphabet city, a small café/boutique serving up a variety of living (uncooked) foods – including soups, smoothies, desserts and surprisingly complex pates.

Though the vibe (and the prices) are strictly gourmet, the staff is wonderfully warm and accomodating – happy to answer questions and provide free tastes for the undecided. Newcomers to the cuisine may be surprised by the variety, and what can be accomplished without the use of heat – including re-imagined culinary staples such as wraps in lettuce leaf, dehydrated hamburger buns, and even live pasta (made with thin strips of veggies.)

Everything sampled on my trip lived up to expectation: including a complex, rich brazilian nut milk, pesto pizza on a dehydrated cracker-crust, and lemon cheesecake (a rich pastry, with a subtly sweet candy taste.) The only negative proved to be the price, running $9.00 and up even for the smaller bites. And that’s a shame, because the fare is vibrant, healthy…and really a breath of fresh air. I’d eat it on a regular basis – if only it were a bit more affordable!

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