Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sushi Ya

Sushi-ya - 95 E. Houston Street (in the new Whole Foods) (Japanese)
Ever wish there were more dine and dash sushi options...above and beyond prepackaged deli cartons of spicy tuna, california roll and shrimp nigiri? If so, then head downtown for a visit to the latest installment of Whole Foods, found on the corner of Bowery and Houston...and sample a taste of kaiten-style sushi. Extremely popular in Tokyo and London (but hard to find in NYC), kaiten sushi is a nifty fast-food concept featuring little plates of sushi, placed on a rotating conveyor belt. Diners sit at the counter, eyeing the options as they pass - picking out items that suit their tastes and whim. The plates are color coded for price, running the gamut from veggie nigiri to numerous gunkan and maki rolls, and even dumplings. While the variety is limited--and the quality only so-so--the experience is a must try, at least once. For newbies especially, there's just something fun about watching the sushi roll by, looking for all the world like a model train hobbled together with little dim sum plates. Okay, so the rice had hardly any vinegar. And the veggie dumplings were sold out. But it was still a fun experience. And sometimes, that's all a chowhound needs!

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