Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop - 129 Rivington Street (off Norfolk) (Vegetarian-Friendly)
Located on the corner of Rivington and Norfolk - a cute little joint serving a variety of classic sandwiches, with alternative veggie versions. The menu range is impressive, offering competant omni/veggie versions of chicken parmesan, BLTs, ham and swiss, and even grilled chicken po' boy (vegetarian - but unfortunately not vegan.) The veggie burger--known as Big Mack Daddy-- is particularly noteworthy, offering real comfort food flavor and feel...with a solid tasty bun, and just a hint of smoky aroma. Like most veggie burgers, BMD does tend towards mushiness, with a general inability to hold together after the first few bites (an ailment that I like to call TMB - the Too Mushy Blues.) Prices are good - especially for the area - with half size sandwich options starting around $4.50. Is Tiny's worth a special trip? Maybe not - but the food is competant, and solidly tasty. So if you're in the neighborhood, give it a shot. Whether you're vegetarian or carnivorous, there's plenty to choose from.

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